Welcome to my Web Page

Last updated 09/06/07

This is just a quick web page I put together for friends and family. It is a place to put pictures and things to let them know I'm still alive and kicking.

Some links for pictures of the Virgin Islands

  • Link to the rental web page for my house
  • Various Sunset pictures from St. Thomas and Water Island
  • General pictures from Water Island.
  • The beach page.
  • Short trip to St. John

  • Here are some fun links (trips and things):

  • Ireland North Coast trip (2007)
  • Chile Skiing trip (2006)
  • California Misc pictures (2006)
  • Sailing in San Francisco bay (2006)
  • Med sailing trip Part II (Sicily to Italy 2005)
  • Med sailing trip (France to Italy 2004)
  • Kristen and Keith's wedding in Maui
  • Flying in Ohio with Rick
  • Flying in Ohio with Rick, part 2
  • Sailing in NYC
  • Deep dive on the Lorraine
  • Pictures from California '03
  • Pictures from Savannah '04
  • Pictures and a movie from the Bermuda to Long Island sail on "Dark Lady"
  • Pictures from the Las Vegas trip for Dave and Mimi's wedding
  • Trip to Anagada in the BVI
  • Birthday pix for Sandra
  • Trips to Virgin Gorda
  • Flying to St. Martin
  • My various resumes.
  • pix of my boat in the VI
  • pix of my new sailboat

  • All pictures copyright Jim Blakey.